Would you try these? McDonalds new creation is a little sweet and sour…

by Jamie Williams

Granted this is a little off topic with it being January and everyone is focusing on getting healthy.. and McDonalds isn’t exactly known as a #healthfoodstore but it is undeniable that we all sometimes crave a little chips or a burger from time to time. While, I usually try and make mine from scratch, with sweet potato fries and meat from the butcher, sometimes if we are out shopping on a Saturday and are feeling hungry it isn’t exactly the crime of the century to go for a burger and chips, if we factor in the calories and fat into our diet. Usually we like to order the same things we always do.. and so this news from Japan…

McDonalds in Japan has just launched salty fries and chocolate!?!

The McChoco Potato will hit Japanese streets on 26th January and will feature both white and dark chocolate… There are no plans to bring it to the UK yet but What do you think? Would you try them and do you feel a McDonalds or other such fast food restaurant is an occasional treat or do you think it can be eaten regularly as part of a healthy diet.. we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Don’t forget to sign up to myhealthshop.co.uk for all the latest news and offers and be the first to hear about the latest health foods and trends. Our mission is the get the nation healthy.


Well you're in luck, because the people at McDonald's in Japan have made the marriage of salty fries and sweet chocolate happen.

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