Fun Friday Fact.. Leonardo Da Vinci Invented Contact Lenses in 1508..Well kind of..

By Jamie  Williams

Leonardo di Vinci is widely credited with being the first person to think of creating a lens that would go in front of the eye.

A portrait of Leonardo di Vinci


Da Vinci described altering the corneal power of sight by either submerging ones head in a bowl of water, or by wearing some form of water-filled glass sphere over the eye.

Artist’s impression of Da Vinci’s method for neutralizing the refractive power of the cornea

Due to the age in which he lived in however it wasn’t practical to create as the technological advances that would come later would allow it to be actually made and become practical.

It wasn’t until 1887 in Germany, when F.E. Muller produces the first ever eye covering. A year later, in 1888, German ophthalmologist Adolf Fick  constructed and fitted the first contact lens from blown glass. This was very uncomfortable though and could be worn for more than an hour or so.

 Fast forward to 1949 a more comfortable version was developed and it wasn’t until the 1960’s that they became widely popular. So now you know..  


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