Americans have only just discovered Sausage Rolls.. and the Twitter reaction was hilarious

By Alan Smith

Americans have only just discovered the humble sausage roll. We Brits have been loving them since the dawn of time.. with even me being partial to a Greggs sausage roll from time to time, but our cousins across the pond have never heard of them!!!

The New York Times reported this week that “”Though the concept of sausage wrapped in pastry exists in every cuisine in one way or another, the British have claimed sausage rolls as their own. They are always welcome, especially at holiday time. Boxing Day, a national holiday in Britain, celebrates the traditional post-Christmas servants’ day off, when upper-class families were forced to fend for themselves and subsist for a day on a lavish buffet of leftover feasts from the week. Sausage rolls are often part of the spread.” In the article they posted a photo of a plate with the rolls on…

Sparking debate: American, British and Australian Twitter users took to social media to debate the dish and share their shock at those who didn't know it existed 

The reaction on twitter was hilarious .. with many Americans seemingly seeing them for the first time…

Outrage: Many were completely outraged and in disbelief when some said they had never heard of them 

Some argued about there relevance to Boxing day..

Boxing Day? Some disagreed with the New York Times' claim that the sausage roll is a Boxing Day tradition 

While others asked what they “eat over there?”

'What do you guys eat...?' Some expressed genuine concern about what American's ate instead

I don’t know about you.. but all this talk of Sausage rolls in making me want one..

Excuse me whilst I nip out of the office and down Greggs !!







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